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Campinambulle is first and foremost a know-how in traditional cabinetmaking passed down from father to son for several generations. It is also a creation, the modern travel trunk, inspired by the famous Spanish travel cabinets of the 16th century. More importantly, Campinambulle is above all a philosophy of travel. Freedom, autonomy, minimalism, so many values in which the entire community of campinambulists find themselves, who set off to bivouac in nature with their everyday vehicle.

We have designed our exterior-facing facilities as an invitation to sharing and exchange. You often tell us how your trunk allowed you to make unexpected encounters at the bend of an improvised bivouac. These meetings give a special flavor to the trips. It is precisely with this in mind that we have created our annual event, Campinambulle-Week: every summer we invite all our customers to share their experiences as campinambulists in our family farmhouse for a timeless break.

So won over by the Campinambulle spirit and by your travel trunk, many of you never miss an opportunity to talk about it, show it, and sometimes even lend it. Thanks to you, this mode of travel is emulated. In 2019 we therefore set up a sponsorship program: €100 voucher for accessories for the sponsor, and €100 for the sponsored person. In 2021, we are also setting up a sponsorship program for Alphée: €50 voucher for accessories for the sponsor, and €50 for the sponsored person. Some of you have suggested that we go further with an Ambassador program. The idea that you suggested to us is to create a map of France with all the customers who wish to show their travel trunk in their region. Thus, people interested in acquiring one will be able to see it in action and discuss with real users.

Each travel trunk sold as part of this Ambassador program will earn you a cumulative voucher of €150 valid on all Campinambulle products and services for 1 year. As a gift, you will also receive a Campinambulle t-shirt! As for the terms and conditions, all you have to do is fill in your name, an email address, a city and the model of your trunk in this quick form. Those interested will contact you by email and you will agree on an appointment together. You will then communicate to them a personalized reduction code (which we send to you when you register) allowing them to benefit from a 100 € discount on accessories. This will allow us to know who you have welcomed and therefore to send you your voucher of 150 € as soon as the new order is signed.

As you know, you are already Campinambulle's best ambassadors, and it is thanks to you that our community is so alive. We are counting on you.

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