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Bohemian travel trunk

3.495,00 €

Our new Bohemian removable fitting kit allows you to cook, eat and sleep in your everyday vehicle. The 2022 version of the Campinambulle travel trunk includes a built-in 20-litre refrigerator (available at the beginning of September) and a 10-litre water reserve with a USB battery-powered hand shower. It fits in the trunk of all models of van and van MPVs and allows you to keep the 5 seats. Suitable for solo or family travel, it embodies the freedom to travel and autonomy in complete autonomy and discretion. 

Bohème's design is inspired by the codes of contemporary furniture with real varnished birch and matte black aluminum, thus perpetuating Campinambulle's unique know-how: traditional cabinetmaking.

Included in the trunk: 

  • A 1-burner gas cartridge stove 
  • A flame arrester
  • A Thiers knife integrated in the drawer
  • A cutting board 
  • A retractable basin, a mobile shower, a 12L jericanne
  • 3 jars containing puy lentils, Vichy pastilles, a lemongrass Charroux candle
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